Hi, My Name Is Ovi Chase

I’m an artist based in Amsterdam. I have a big passion for colours and would like to share this with you.

Recent Artworks

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Most of my artworks are colourful and abstract. Take a look and let me know if you see anything you like!


A Few Words about Me

I Paint My Own Reality

I started painting when I was kid. My grandfather had a big passion for art and shared his passion with me. We always made art together in his studio. After he passed away, I took over his studio and made it my own. 

I love colours and that is also what you will see in my studio. I love to work big and abstract. With the colours I create my own colourful reality. 


Emotions Through Painting

On my website I show you the best galleries in the world and where to check my art out.

Exhibitions Image

Style Art Gallery

New York / USA – 2019

Exhibitions Image

Pittura Gallerie

Algarve / Portugal – 2019

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