Save Money On Rugs: The Ultimate Guide


Rugs are not just decorative for your home. They also carry out different functional purposes. While some keep the room warm, others keep the dust down. There are different types of rugs and their prices differ. Buying a rug is an investment and you therefore need to buy what you need. You’ll also need to clean them frequently. While you cannot compromise on quality, you can still save on the costs.

There are different approaches you can use to save money when purchasing your rugs. These include:

Buying your rugs in the fall

There are times when dealers are holding their sales or they are offering discounts. This could either be as a result of trying to clear their stock or during festive holidays. This is your opportunity to make a run for it. The very same rug you have been eyeing will definitely cost less.

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7 Things To Look For In A Carpet Cleaning Company


It is very important to have clean carpets. But for as many reputable carpet cleaners there are, somehow, one or more dishonest cleaner will ruin it. What you see on the company’s website maybe nothing more than “smoke and mirrors”, meaning a farce.

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How do you pick a Carpet Cleaning Company?

You must do your research about the company, starting with the BBB. Checking to see if there have been or are any complaints against the company is a warning not to use them. Other things that you should make note of;

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Steam Cleaning vs. Vacuuming: What is the Difference?


There are always discussions as to whether steam cleaning is better than vacuuming. Well, it is a must that someone vacuums their floor daily or at least once a week at the least. This is especially true if there are children or animals in the home. So which is better steam cleaning or vacuuming? If you’re looking to purchase a carpet, click here.

Daily Use

When using a steam cleaner or a vacuum on a daily basis, then the vacuum comes in the lead. Steam cleaners should not be used daily because they will wear the carpet out. Vacuums however are great to use daily. If you vacuum daily your floors won’t get so dirty and the dirt won’t get pushed down into the carpet fibers as much. If you need to know what to use on a daily basis this is probably the only time a vacuum will win.

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How To Detect And Explore Slab Leak

slab_leak_inside02Wasting water may also mean wasting your money. When faced with this problem as a leak detected in you water pipes, this could really make you call for help from plumbers. This is very major issue since a large number of water is wasted and water rates are always increasing this really puts you in different areas and responsibility of being a household member. Nevertheless, these are some of the common problems of every household.

When there is a slab leak detected even if this only concerns on small areas it should not be put aside. There should be an action taken and not to leave this small problem behind, because this will cause you to face larger problem in the future. As to when will you be able to explore slab leak detection here are the ways in dealing with them:

1. There is water coming out of the slab underneath or beside the house. This will alarm you since there should not be any reasons for the water to come out in that area. If there are cracks that can be seen then that are not enough reason why water comes out in that certain area.

2. If there is water coming out from under the cabinets and sides of the walls inside the house. Normally they come out from the crack since these areas are near the bathroom, laundry area and kitchen. This comes out of the cracks on the floor, as there might be a slab leak underneath it.

3. If you feel a certain hot area on the floor. This is mostly felt when you are not wearing any slippers, then you will feel the difference of the hot floor and the normal floor. If there is a hot part of the floor that will explain that there is a lab leak underneath it.

4. You can check on the water heater, especially if your water heater is operating all day, every day then you might want to have a check on that. Water heater are having a constant hot water going out of the heater and cold water constantly going in, this should be your first priority since a lot of the chores are dependent on the water heater.

5. Check out the water meter that is usually found outside the house. This will also determine the hot or cold-water slab leak. If the water meter is spinning then you make sure water are off from operating inside the house and you can still see the spinning then definitely there is a slab leak detected already.

6. The last thing to check is your water bill. Check any abnormalities beyond what is the usual and normal bill. If you detect an abnormal increase of your water bill, then probably there is a slab leak.

It is always pays to become alert in exploring any abnormalities in your house. Especially if involves the water or electricity bill. You always have to check immediately what might cause this to happen and make no room for delays as such can cause more damage once not properly handled. Always explore your property.

5 Reasons You Should Pressure Wash Your Home Every 3 Months

5 Reasons You Should Pressure Wash Your Home Every 3 Months

Your home is your sanctuary. Your castle, your abode. Don’t neglect the literal roof over your head. Let us check out the five reasons to pressure wash your home every 3 months:

1. Get rid of unsightly dirt and grime:
Dirt builds up over time both inside your house and out. You already clean the interior regularly, why not the exterior as well? However, you shouldn’t grab your 409 cleaner or Scrubbing Bubbles and a rag. For big jobs like this, we get to use big tools! Blast the grime and mold buildup away with a power washer. If not cleaned quarterly, your house will start looking old and dingy. And what will your neighbors say about you then?

2. Keep that New House look:
If you hire a pressure washing company every three months to clean your home, then you never have to worry about the paint of the house. Your home will always look as if you have just bought it. With minimal expense and virtually no effort on your part, you can be the shining beacon of your subdivision.

3. Get rid of odor:
If you do maintain a regular pressure washing schedule, then you notice that your house will smell cleaner and fresher. You may not know this but dirt and mold smell. And not in a good way like lavender or bacon. Most pressure washing companies use detergents and chemicals to get rid of odors and keep them from coming back for months. With routine maintenance, you will never have to know what mildew smells like. Have you ever walked into an old house and thought, “this smells like an old house”? That’s mildew!

4. It’s fairly inexpensive:
If you decide to do it yourself, then you first need to buy the proper equipment for the job. Which can be expensive. And then you have to store it, maintain it, keep your kids from playing on it, etc.. And on top of it all, you have to spend a precious Saturday doing it all yourself or trying to train your children to operate heavy machinery. Which may be illegal in your state, depending on the child labor laws. So it may be better to hire a professional to save your money and as well as energy too. And possible jail time. Plus those guys are insured in case they break something.Which your kids will undoubtedly do.

5. Extend the life of your home: Mildew, mold, and dirt can eat away at concrete, brick, siding, and wood. Maintaining a clean exterior can prevent wood rot, cracks in the driveway, and the need to replace your roof. The trick is to get it all out the first time and then keep it from coming back. This is especially true if your house is in a shady area, under trees, or near water. Especially if you live in a pineapple under the sea. That’s like a magnet for mold. And sea anemones. But seriously, cleaning the exterior of your home will not only improve your resale value but also save you money in the long run.

The Industrial Revolution brought about the concept of specialization. Basically instead of being good at a lot of things, you can be awesome at one thing and have someone else who is an expert in another field handle that aspect. The same holds true for house cleaning. I know that I can’t clean my house as well as a maid service. This applies to cleaning the outside of your home as well. The team of pressure washers will know how to do it right the first time, in the best way, in less time. Don’t be the guy with the streaky driveway or have to replace your roof early because you used the high pressure setting (which voids most roof warranties).

Following a regular cleaning schedule can add years to your home while taking years off (see what I did there? Pretty slick, huh?). So don’t neglect your curb appeal. Clean today!

Best Practices for End of Lease Cleaning

The End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Is Great!


Your lease is up and it is time to pack up all of your items and move to your new home. One daunting project lies in front of you and that is the cleaning of the home that you have lived in so long. It does not have to be a challenge if you just follow these simple suggestions. If you need a professional, See this Melbourne end of lease cleaning service.

  • Start early

Don’t wait until the last minute before picking up that broom and mop to clean your home. As soon as you know you are going to move, begin the preparations. Clean areas you know will stay clean first. For example, if you have a guest room and aren’t expecting any visitors before you move, clean that room first. Do not clean appliances or other areas that you know you will be using heavily right up to the time you walk out the door. Save those for last. And pace yourself. Do something toward your cleaning goals every single day.

  • Have a plan

To be most effective and productive, write out a schedule of what needs to be done and when. This will give you a point of reference. You will always know how much you have completed and how much still lies before you. Reward yourself as you hit specific milestones. For example, as soon as you are a fourth of the way through your plan, buy yourself something nice or celebrate with a glass of your favorite wine.

  • Delegate

If you have family members or friends that you can call on, by all means do so. Don’t make this a one-man or one-woman show. Utilize all the help you can get. You can even make a party of it with pizza and beverages while everyone pitches in. “Many hands make light work” and your work load will shrivel down to nothing is you just ask for help.


  • Be thorough

Treat your home as though it were your property. Leave it the way you would like a home left that belongs to you. And, right before you leave, spray the areas with room freshener. The home will continue to smell fresh and clean long after you are gone. Your landlord will appreciate this as homes that are shut up for long periods of time tend to smell musty.

For health standards:

  • Take pictures

You may leave your home spotless but later receive a bill or have an amount deducted from your deposit. Things happen after you shut the door behind yourself and your family. For this reason, it is always suggested that you take photos of all the areas of your home. This will ensure that your landlord will know that you did a satisfactory job in making sure that the home was left in good condition. If at all possible, make sure the pictures are timed and dated for additional security.

Moving is always stressful but by following these tips, your anxiety and worry could be greatly decreased. You will enjoy your new home so much more. You will also have great peace of mind if you feel positive about how well you left your last one.